Labyrinths: What are they & how do they work?

“There are no wrong turnings. Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk.” - Guy Gabriel Kay by Olivia Massaro If you’re ever at a public park or outside a house of worship or a medical center, you may find a pattern of different pathways, in a circle, around a single central … Continue reading Labyrinths: What are they & how do they work?

How do Crystals Work?

written by Lynn Weller, Reiki Master at BLDG. 7 Yoga For a long time I was drawn to crystals, but didn’t know if they really did anything. I would like to hold them, wear them, place them near my bed or just look at them. I loved their bright colors and way they sparkled. I … Continue reading How do Crystals Work?

Honoring our Ancestors Ritual

HONORING OUR ANCESTORS RITUAL by Sarita-Linda Rocco "Without realizing it, we often carry the ancestors on our backs. Because their memory patterns deeply embedded within our vital tissues and cells, we continually re-enact patterns that originate in the history and memory of our family lines. When we do not recognize ancestral traumas we are likely to ferry them … Continue reading Honoring our Ancestors Ritual