“I spend a lot of time upside down. It increases the blood flow to the brain,

so it really helps your creativity.” -Daphne Guinness

by Olivia Massaro

Back by popular demand, Build Your Inversions! If you weren’t able to get to the first workshop, here is another chance to flip your perspective! This class will further your understanding of inversions and include more advanced variations of the poses.

You will start by reviewing important body line positions for a handstand. The instructors, Pam and Sarena, will run through specific drills both on the wall and the floor to practice the body line position. This body line tool will progress your handstand practice, as well as provide a great workout for the core and leg muscles.

From there, they will review the basics of getting into a forearm stand and start to work towards a scorpion forearm stand. In the scorpion forearm stand variation, the feet work towards touching the head. Pam and Sarena will help you achieve this pose by reviewing anatomical alignment and safe ways to begin working into this deep backbend using the wall.

You will then review the basics of an entry way into a headstand, and for those that are comfortable in this position; you will then build onto further variations to advance your practice, such as eagle legs, straddle, and splits.

This workshop will be a fun way to continue and advance your inversion practice and will include modifications along the way for those that are less comfortable upside down. Bring your courage and an open mind to continue building on your inversions or if you simply want to learn and try with support from Pam and Sarena. Come check out this workshop to gain new inspiration! REGISTER


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