What is Ashtanga Yoga?

Join Stephanie S. on Tuesday or Thursdays at 5:30PM in the Water Room for an Intermediate Ashtanga 75 class. If you are a beginner, join her on Saturdays at 11AM Ashtanga Basics 90 or every other Friday starting November 17th 5:30PM for Mysore Ashtanga 75.  Ashtanga Yoga is derived from the teachings of Sri K. … Continue reading What is Ashtanga Yoga?

Fighting Cold & Flu Season Naturally

by Dr. Amruta More of Homeopathic Medicine The beautiful fall is about to begin and once again we all are advised to head to our doctors office to receive the Flu Shot. The Flu is an acute, self limiting, sudden occurrence of disease conditions where a patient experiences sore throat, cough/cold, moderate to high fever, headache, … Continue reading Fighting Cold & Flu Season Naturally

Honoring our Ancestors Ritual

HONORING OUR ANCESTORS RITUAL by Sarita-Linda Rocco "Without realizing it, we often carry the ancestors on our backs. Because their memory patterns deeply embedded within our vital tissues and cells, we continually re-enact patterns that originate in the history and memory of our family lines. When we do not recognize ancestral traumas we are likely to ferry them … Continue reading Honoring our Ancestors Ritual